Watch TV Free! Movies, News, and more too!

Hey there!
So you are looking for ways to watch TV online and Over The Air for Free?
Are you sick of paying for TV & Movies Every Month?

Good news, there is lots of programing you can watch for free. I'm a cheap guy and this is my liks of links to watch TV with out paying for cable, Netflix, HULU, or other services that want your money to watch TV & Movies.

  1. US**GO (the ** stands for TV) This is an exceptional live TV site.
    US**GO has 93 channels to watch for free.
    All the networks ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, BBC America, CW, TV Land, BBC America.
  2. Pluto TV Always streaming LIVE. TV Shows and Movies, Live News - A 24/7 Addams Family Channel, a Dr Who Channel and hundreds more.
    Many On Demand Channels too.

  3. tubi TV   - lots of content to explore
  4. The Roku Channel
  5. XUMO 
  6. IMDB The Internet Movie Data Base
  7. CW Seed - CW Network Classics, Who's Line Is It Anyways & more.
  8. CW TV .com - All the current CW Shows including Penn & Teller Fool Us (FU) & more.
  9. Peacock TV  - NBC's semi free service
  10. ABC TV Network
  11. CBS TV Network
  12. NBC TV Network
  13. FOX Network Check out and
  14. PBS - The Public Broadcast System
  15. CRACKLE - Owned by SONY, watch TV shows and Movies free. Mant titles from the "Screen Gemws" catalog.
  16. REUTERS NOW - 24 news when you want the headlines and zero fluff. Reuters is a respected international news agency.
  17. YouTube Channel
  18. BYU TV
  19. Follow on Facebook - something new everyday!
  20. COUB TV - Watch and Create your own Mini TV Clips. Kinda like .GIF's with sound.
  21. Bulgarian TV and More

-> You will notice there is some content overlap. You will some of the same programs on multiple channels/services. But take the time to look for the differences between channels, each has their own unique things. You'll notice that some carry only one or two seasons of a show while others will carry every season of the same show.
-> The Majority of the Chanels ask you to register. IMDB & ROKU require it I think. It's worth it for the larger selection, and in the case of ROKU, less commercials.

OVER THE AIR with an Antenna - With most local TV stations having an additional digital station or two, there is more Over the Air Broadcast Television than there has ever been before. Do you have an antenna? Is it pointed in the optimal direction and freshly scanned? The TV Fool has free tools to help you maximize your antenna reception.

SPEEDTEST - Check your connection speed to make sure TV online with minimal buffering You need a min of 5mbps to watch programs online without loading issues. Handy Test of your internet speed to check that you are getting the bandwidth you are paying for!

That's my TV roundup! Stay safe, keep on keepin' on, and everything that goes with that. HOME

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